Internet marketing, or online marketing, is marketing or advertising that utilize the Internet to drive traffic, leads, or sales for a business.  Internet marketing can entail paid advertising, blogging, email marketing, social media channels, or an organization’s own website.  Two of the largest and most well known forms of Internet marketing are SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and SEM, or Search Engine Marketing.  SEO refers to the process of improving a website’s organic ranking position within the search engine results pages, or SERPs.  SEM is the process of improving a site’s visibility through the use of both organic optimization and paid advertising.  SEM tends to be a larger umbrella that encompasses most online marketing efforts.  In addition to SEO, we typically recommend that brands incorporate social media marketing, paid advertising, and additional inbound marketing strategies into their search engine marketing plans to achieve maximum results.

Unlike traditional advertising, Internet marketing has residual, lasting results.  Gone are the days of dropping thousands of dollars on a single advertisement with no information on how many potential customers may or may not have seen it.  The Internet has a long memory, and because of the nature of social media and search engine optimization, a single blog post or marketing campaign can live on forever.  Analytic data allows us to see how effective something is, and additional promotions can be planned around what draws the most attention from an audience.

Our team can help you determine the ideal online marketing and branding strategy for your business, based on your needs, budget, and desired outcome.  Our flexible plans allow you to tailor the perfect plan, focusing your efforts where you need them most.  We can also provide training and consulting to assist your staff in day to day marketing efforts, including blogging, email marketing, social media, content creation and more!