Social Media Consulting & Management

Increasing online presence through use of social media not only assists with branding and reputation management, but will also increase qualified traffic to your website. Whether you’re looking for some assistance developing your brand online, social media training for your staff, or comprehensive social media management, the pros at RepBright are ready to give you a hand.

What is Social Media?

If your website is a virtual resume for your business, your social profiles are your networking events or golf games with clients.  You’re still in business mode, but you’re able to offer your colleagues and clients a little peek behind the curtain at the personality behind the company.  Social media allows you to remove the “push marketing” aspect of a traditional website and have a two-way conversation.  Being able to engage with your customers allows you to get to know each other beyond the branding.  Great communication via social media instills feelings of trust and confidence in your brand.

How Can Social Media Help My Business?

RepBright can assist you in finding which social media channels your customers are utilizing most often, and how to get involved in those channels in order to build relationships with those customers.  We will help you determine where your efforts are best spent, and how to utilize those channels effectively.  Just like many deals are done away from the office or on the golf course in the real world, many things happen away from your website via social media online.

RepBright Can Help You:

  • Build profiles that maintain congruency with current online efforts
  • Revamp existing profiles
  • Develop a social media strategy
  • Determine where efforts are best spent
  • Evaluate tools to assist in social media marketing efforts
  • Develop a blogging strategy
  • Write and publish updates and posts
  • Monitor online communities



Contact us today to see how RepBright can assist you in your social media marketing efforts.