Since long before the days of the Internet, RepBright founder Erin Jones has had a love for just about anything social.  When a project manager position at an Internet marketing firm morphed into a developing social media position, Erin knew that she’d found her calling.  (Yup, Erin has been in the social media game since before it was called social media.)  She further fine-tuned her passion for all that is social after accepting a position at Trackur as their Director of Community Relations.  A job centered around reading, writing, and talking to people from all over the world?  Perfect!  Add to that a position with Trackur’s sister company, Reputation Refinery, Erin found the perfect mix of social media and client interaction.

Erin quickly found that she wanted to share her love for social media, and help those that don’t love the social side of the web quite as much as she does. Erin loves to connect brands with their ideal audiences, and help them thrive online. An experienced speaker, as well as author, she is thrilled to be able to combine her skills to provide a comprehensive online branding solution for her clients.  Collaborating with some of the greatest minds on the Internet has allowed Erin to provide comprehensive online reputation management solutions to small and medium sized businesses throughout North America, without breaking the bank.  Erin has worked with a variety of brands – from HGTV personalities and defense contractors to local businesses and nonprofits.  Social media has given all of these brands an equal chance to share what they have to offer with the world, and Erin is passionate about helping them shine a light on those companies.  She thrives on helping brands find their voice online, so that they can focus on what they do best -run their businesses.

Continually working to hone her skills and expand her knowledge, Erin Jones loves to take on new projects.  Working with local business owners and marketing pros alike allows Erin to constantly learn more about reputation management, online marketing, and social media.

At Home

When she’s not staring at a screen, Erin enjoys travel, the outdoors, photography, and spending time with her family.  She’s also on the board of directors at Be the Good Ones, a local nonprofit providing small needs and good deeds for neighbors in need.


Want to chat?  You can find Erin on TwitterFacebook, or you can contact her here.  If you’re in the Denver area, she also loves meeting for coffee or a sweet treat and talking about digital marketing.  Give her a shout!